Andrew Brister is a Tulsa, OK-based architectural photographer, and 3D artist serving architects, interior designers, and others in the construction industry.

Born in Wisconsin and moving to Oklahoma early, Andrew has grown to love the prairie. Attending Oklahoma State University, School of Architecture, Andrew was introduced to form and composition and began working as much 3D and photography into his studies as possible. 

Graduating with a degree in architecture, Andrew honed his skills as an architect working in Oklahoma and Washington, DC but always with a focus on the pre-design rendering. It wasn't until working on a photo shoot for a recently completed building for Montgomery College in Maryland that the world of photography opened its doors.

After years of designing buildings, Andrew has transitioned into telling the story of the building through photography and 3D. Working closely with architects, interior designers, contractors and owners, Andrew focuses on making sure the client can see the vision the designer has in their mind.

When Andrew isn't working with clients he's building his portfolio with personal projects ranging from 3D designs of his jewelry, photographs of political protests in Brazil, hiking and nature photography in the Grand Tetons, or some simple carpentry.

Clients Include

Kenedy Mansion B&B

Sitio Urtigao, Brazil