Not Bad ... Potential!

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As I talked with Chester Ehrig from KSQ Architects in Tulsa about my ideas on the work I wanted to pursue, he mentioned that he had on staff a great 3D artist and animator. So I asked to be introduced — at least by form of portfolio.

My words were actually this. "Would you mind if I sent you a link to my portfolio work, and maybe he can tell me how bad it is?"

He promptly reminded me "BAD? Potential!" as he laughed. "Does your work have potential?"

I begrudgingly agreed, because isn't that what humility is? Constantly putting your work down because you think it sucks?

I have had some time to think about this since my chat with Chester. I think humility is knowing that you still have room to improve. Knowing that your work has potential to be better.

Boy, do I have room to improve. But maybe I also have potential, as well.

If you're interested in seeing some of my potential, browse some of the galleries on the website. www.andrewbrister.com or check out my stuff on behance. I have even posted some items on the blog here.