The Blue Dome in 3D, just the way I like it.

Our team enjoyed the challenge of scanning the Blue Dome in downtown Tulsa, OK. The amount of detail we needed to capture, and how difficult it is to see the dome with the tiny cupola from nearly any vantage point, made for a trickier scan than usual. Thanks to the technology we have access to at ABAV, the scans turned out incredible!

Here’s a closer look at the ABAV technology involved, the process, and how our scans served to help the client.

Our Blue Dome

This particular project was completed quickly, with less than an hour spent on site performing both the terrestrial and drone scans. This means we collected the needed data from the ground, as well as from the air, with all angles covered. That data was then rendered and compiled in less than a day’s time into an accessible format for viewing.

The scans were converted into a 3D textured digital model, which was rendered in high fidelity. As a result, the scan’s quality is incredibly clear—enough to see all the relevant details that you need for your project—while the file size itself is small enough that it can be easily shared and used as a reference throughout multiple projects.

The ABAV Scan Advantage

  • The 3D imaging scans that we created contain a detailed depiction of the exterior of the Blue Dome building. Our scans can be conveniently viewed and accessed digitally via the internet, as you can see in the imaging below.
  • These test scans provide the perfect summation of data to reference as needed, giving easy access to relevant details about the structure. These scans also don’t take expertise to understand or navigate. That’s a win-win in meeting project needs with high-quality results but in a simplified manner.
  • Small projects up to about 10,000 SF, as with this Blue Dome project, only require one day on-site to complete. This means that you get the scans that you need quickly, getting you to the design stage faster without spending unnecessary time in the field. Jumping sooner into the project at hand is always a plus.
  • Massive point cloud files are extremely difficult to manage and can create continuity issues when you’re trying to help your project run seamlessly between all members involved. However, ABAV provides an accessible file sharing option, in which data of the scan is easy to transfer online thanks to the condensed file sizes. This means easy transfer of the full scans, easy access for everyone connected to the project, and an accurate and detailed reference for design professionals as they’re on the job or on the go. We solve the bulky file-sharing dilemma with high-quality, lightweight, shareable files.

ABAV Benefits Are Clear

Creating, sharing and utilizing the 3D scans from ABAV are a time-saving investment for your next project. Our team spends far less time on-site to gather the needed data, and we combine interior and exterior scans to provide an accurate and detailed rendering for future reference. The final file that we create offers you imaging at the right level of clarity, without being a massive file that you cannot share with ease.

Accessibility and ease of use are hugely important in our 3D scans, and we make sure that you can view them easily without the need for expensive and bulky software. If your business is in need of imaging and scanning done of a business or building location, we have the technology to make that happen and to make those results easily usable for you and your team.