Remodel Construction Recording - Something new?

Construction recording is one of the most tedious things to do in construction and architecture. Knowing what to capture and if it's relevant, or if you're ever going to reference it again all come into play when trying to record a space.

So, we capture it all. Here's an example of a home under remodel.



This came in handy a number of times when discussing the appliances with the customer. At one point a question regarding the installation of electrical inside the kitchen island as posed, and without this we wouldn't have had the answer quickly enough. The scan showed the electrical whips tied off just above the floor in the kitchen. Question answered.


What's next?

Deliver the scans to the client so they have the records of what's in the walls. The next time they go to remodel, or need any work of any kind done, they know where to find things like pipes, conduit, and mechanical without having to get dirty or tear out.

This can really be a great addition to any project delivery.