Commercial Construction Records OF THE FUTURE!

The Benefits of 3D Construction Documentation

  • Record a digital version of a whole building as a virtual reference.
  • Utilize this for interior and exterior site inspections.
  • Be on-site without leaving your office.
  • Access the scans through a single portal and manage 0 files.
  • Create as-built documents from the 3D scans.
  • Eliminate the communication confusion of a collaborative architectural project.

The 3D Scanning Process in Context

we collect everything when we are on site, so designer and contractor don’t have to.

We’re living in the digital age. Just as pixelated, high-graphics cameras have replaced your old Polaroids, the 2D construction record and documentation is here to be replaced by the 3D model. Using 3D recording and modeling, real-world issues can be observed, analyzed, and designed around in real time from anywhere.

By capturing and converting real-world construction sites into 360-degree photos and 3D models design, construction and ownership teams can efficiently and easily collaborate. They can reference what has the recorded state on-site at any time and from anywhere. This process eliminates the need for spamming your partners with large photo files of your project sites through email, and you no longer need to store these project photos on your computer servers where they take up too much space.

Instead, a Point Cloud 3D scan has converted the entire building into one document easily viewed and understood by all your project partners. This means you don’t have that confusing back-and-forth of sending images or updates on a collaborative project, only to have the emails get lost in translation. Every project update is stored in one clear, easily accessible visual file. Confusion is null and void. 


Existing Offices... too small for a growing company.

Red Dog Construction Collaboration Project Outline: From Start to Finish

Only a few scans are needed to see the benefits. Here's the process we went through for Red Dog.

Scan 1 & 2 - Foundations, Under-slab Utilities and Major Structure

  • Scans are completed with a drone and an HD camera.
  • These scans are compiled into a high-fidelity 3D model with the real-world photos laid on top.
  • This documents plumbing supply, sewer routes and underground electrical.

Time on site is minimal in creating these scans, and the model that is generated is easy to measure and navigate. These will come in handy later when renovations are required to add new toilets, or new underground electrical wiring.

Scan 3 - Stick Framing

  • Progress is fast after the slab and underground utilities are completed.
  • Exterior and interior framing scans are performed with and without roof structure, as requested by the contractor or the designer.
  • Multiple aerial scans are performed on the exterior.
  • High resolution cameras and scanners are used to complete the interior walk-around.

This kind of detail will be useful when planning any renovations, so the next owner can better determine how to update the building without upsetting the structure.

Scan 4 and 5 - Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Rough-in, and Final

  • We scan to capture the rough-in and the final installation prior to completing the remaining finishes.
  • We complete exterior scans throughout the whole process to have the complete record of the state of the building.

Knowing what is in the walls can be a huge advantage when renovating and solving problems later. We did a couple scans to capture the rough-in and the final installation prior to completing the remaining finishes. What you're seeing here is the utilities final prior to finishes.

We also complete exterior scans throughout the whole process to have the complete record of the state of the building. This allows project problem solvers to focus on the issue itself, instead of issues in the documentation. It can free up valuable site time and improve the final product, and maybe even the bottom line.


Utilities complete.

Scan 6 & 7 - Finishes and Finals

  • The cabinets are ready to install
  • The final punch list is ready
  • The building is completed

Ready for finishes.


Ready for Move In

Note: The client has moved in already and we're going to do another scan once they are ready. This will not be added here, so you'll have to go to the Red Dog Construction Website for that. 

If you'd like to talk with us about documenting your next construction project or have any questions about the process in general please contact us at or call us at 539-302-7226. We'd love to hear from you.

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