City Street?

Wire Frame

Wire Frame

Sometimes simple is good. A few clicks and here I am. It was a quick render, even with global illumination, only about 2 minutes, but this time I got bogged down in creating the texture.

Faster, faster, monkey! Faster!

Home Office

Wire Frame

Greyscalegorilla inspired me to try rendering without Global Illumination. Turns out to have a real nice effect without the time cost. This rendered in under 30 minutes for the full, final rendering.

I amped up the ambient occlusion settings to get the tight shadows, but that's really all I did for the calculation side.

Ideal Bedroom

Wire Frame

This is my first image rendered with the Greyscalegorilla HDRI kit and using some of their materials from Texture Kit pro. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Unlike a few of the other renders where I've used some material from standard libraries, everything (except the pillows) was done by me. So, I'm getting faster, and stronger. Now time to get smarter.

Actually, even then I didn't do too badly. This render took under 2 hours to complete.

Dice Rolling

Wire Frame

A friend and I play a bunch of table and war games. This idea is based on X-Wing miniatures game rolling, and the fact that I need a lot of them to win. 

I used the object buffer to isolate the two front dice that are still moving through the air and added a motion blur in photoshop.