Scanning for X-Ray Vision: One Visit. Multiple Uses

Give your customers X-Ray vision!


  • Start new projects off right with 3D existing conditions survey files, and reference models.
  • Record the stages of construction in high-res 360-degree virtual tours for the property owner so they can be a part of the process any time, from anywhere.
  • Complete projects with a 3D Project Delivery Manual and provide all the manuals, warranties and specifications in one place.
  • Market your services with immersive before and after comparisons, and quickly engage new potential buyers faster, and add that "WOW" factor to new listings.

1. More Value for Happy Customers

After four hours the nearly 5,500 SF new home was completely scanned. The scan turned out great, and the owner and the contractor couldn't be happier.

Brad Rinehart's (the owner) architect/contractor had just called for inspection so it was the perfect time to complete a scan of the entire home currently framed and roughed-in. And before we met, Brad was preparing to take one-thousand photos of every square inch of the currently framed, no drywall, and completely roughed in house. The goal was to take as many pictures of the blocking and backing that he could, so when he moved in and started hanging the heavy stuff, he knew where to drill and nail. Now, after 4 hours of scanning, he doesn't have to.

"With the scan, they provide the hard details behind the hard wood. Total visibility." - Brad Rinehart, Home Owner.

Now, Brad is relieved that he doesn't have to take photos and he has a whole record of the entire house the way it was inspected and approved by the inspector. Talk about piece of mind. And he can refer back to it forever.

Check out the scan for yourself and see why Brad was so happy. Then come back and finish the article.


Click here to view the scan.

Not only is the client satisfied but he is also grateful that he'll be able to see behind the walls at his discretion. He's got X-Ray Vision now and that's pretty awesome.

2. All the existing conditions you could ever need

It's a great value during construction, but it can be effective and important when designing and renovating. Being able to measure and have an accurate accounting of all the existing conditions you may ever need prior to starting with design is just the beginning of huge advantages that can carry throughout the entire design process. 

And the 3D References and virtual tours let you stay at your office and design, but also be at the site at the same time (virtually). Even if the site is 10 minutes away, being able to reference the project at a glance while designing can be typical.

3. 360-Degree Construction Records at inspections and approvals

With the scan, they provide the hard details behind the hard wood. Total visibility.
— Brad Rinehart, Home Owner

A set of construction records that documents every inch of the building in 3D and with contextual 360-degree photos will be the way we document all construction in the future. Some builders use the construction recording on a regular basis while others use it on a more specific schedule. Transparency and trust are big ideas these days and the records offer another layer to clients.

A scan at regular intervals may be a great way to keep the full record, but can be pricey for smaller customers. We recommend to many of our customers that we have a block of time set aside for a scan after each inspection has been made. The Rineharts scan above was taken after the Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Framing rough-in inspections. It's a complete record of what was approved by the inspector.

Other inspection times that make sense for a scan are before the slab is poured, and before the final inspection for move-in. Collecting data under the slab rounds out the data set. If it is desired, underground utilities, sprinkler lines, and other items can also be recorded before they are covered up by dirt work and landscaping.

4. Take final delivery to the next level with the 3D Project Manual

At the end of construction a few more scans have probably been completed and you're ready to close out the project and hand over the all important binder of stuff.

Instead of completing a physical book, a 3D Project Manual can save some bacon later on. Each area of concern (appliances, materials, blocking) is tied to a specific point within the final 3D scan, and is coordinated with PDFs uploaded to the website. In this way they are accessible when needed by the owner.

No paper to loose, no box of samples to disappear, no list of products to get lost or thrown away. The entire project manual is digitally available and connected within the context to which it's referring.

4. Show new customers what you're made of (or what you made)

A friend was recently looking for new homes and was telling me that he was bored looking at all the photographs because they all looked the same, or at least were beginning to seem like it.

I asked if any of the properties he was looking at had any virtual tours. I thought maybe that would help get him into the context of the place. We looked around and there was one for the property.

As he browsed around the tour he said,

"Wow! This is so much better. All of the other houses were looking the same, but this one I can really get a feeling for being there."

Virtual tours and 3D modeling are becoming a staple in the marketing portfolio. They aren't the only thing, but they're quickly becoming more popular. Tours and models provide that "WOW!" when connecting with new potential customers and buyers that are looking for a builder or just a new home. 

If you're a renovator, show how you took something from a wreck to a wonder. If you're a builder, show what's inside the walls and gain a higher level of trust. If you're selling, engage with the new home buyer in ways they aren't expecting and have open houses 24-7-365. 

Add to the tour the videos and photographs you have already taken, and produced and you have a full contextual setting to showcase your product.

5. One time on site, many uses.

We typically spend four hours on a site at a time to collect the data we need to build the components we deliver, but what we deliver is more than just a tour or a model. It's literally measurements, records, context, freedom, engagement, trust and reliability.

If any of this sounds interesting please give us a call at 539-302-7226 or email us at and we'll be very happy to talk about your projects. Also check out some of the other project's we've done in our examples.

ABAV is a local Tulsa, OK company providing reality capture and documentation services for designers, architects, contractors, builders and owners who want to know every inch from anywhere.

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