documenting existing conditions or construction?

AB can quickly help you with your as-built conditions or construction documentation by scanning your building in 3D and providing you with a point cloud, or base files to begin your design and a full photographic record.

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consider scanning your building

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existing conditions

  • Highly accurate 3D point clouds for 1:1 scale for accurate measuring.
  • Obj models for design and rendering.
  • Archival quality photo documentation of the entire building.
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  • Photo documentation each phase of construction.
  • Record notes in context and better communicate with the contractor and client.

what you get from us

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building scanning

Using a scanning camera, we take pictures and points of every surface and element within the building and provide you with a 3D point cloud model and photographic record.

Example Scans


Using the 3D model collected from the scan, we can provide you with existing conditions base files in 2D or 3D for your designs.

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private collection

As we scan, your projects are stored privately and confidentially, providing access to your team. Further access may be provided at your discretion.

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virtual reality/digital

  • View the scans and 3D models on the web or mobile.
  • Build presentations from the collected data. 
  • Take your clients there, without leaving the conference room.

serve your clients better

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more Time

  • Accurate scanning means spending more time designing.
  • Complete construction documentation means you make fewer trips to the project site and manage fewer photos.
  • Meeting remotely for a site tour means you spend less time traveling.
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Save Money

  • Web based 3D model means better construction coordination between client/architect/contractor.
  • Web access means you can have shorter meetings.
  • Web presentation means you can collaborate remotely.
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better Focus

  • Full documentation means you can focus on the problems.
  • Web accessible means you now better manage the process not the files.
  • Recording in context means less confusion from photographs and phone calls.

Have scanner, will travel

AB serves the Tulsa metro area and surrounding municipalities, but will travel for your project. Send us a note using the form on the right or call at 539-302-7226 to discuss the details of your project.